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Why Quality Content Will Always Top Quantity in Social Media

There’s no question that social media is a fast past environment. It can feel like a failing endeavor if your business’s name isn’t gaining traction on each platform it participates in despite the effort made. It’s easy to fall into the trap of following the crowd or posting content as often as possible, no matter what it is. This, however, is not a sustainable strategy. Quality will always top quantity in social media.

A Lasting Reputation

A business’s success hinges on their reputation and nowhere is that reputation more vulnerable than on social media. One wrong post and the internet can descend upon you like a wave of locust. Knowing what your message is well help eliminate faux pas and keep your business’s reputation intact. Posting quality content lends your business credibility as well. A funny meme may garner some likes but what does it say about your business? That’s not to say quality content can’t be entertaining but it should continually build on your business’s reputation as an industry leader and expert.

Why Quality Content Will Always Top Quantity in Social Media

If You Post It They Will Come…But Will They Stay?

The internet is fickle. Remember when planking photos were all the rage? Yeah, I barely remember, too. Latching onto a trend may get you some extra attention in the short term but how will you entice those people to stick around? All those fad fans will leave for the next fad unless they were fad fans with interest in your company. The way to do that is to have a history of interesting content and continue to provide the same after these people have found you.

Quality content will also get your followers talking about what interests them. As we know, engagement leads to conversion and that’s the ultimate goal of social media. Good content doesn’t have to come just from your voice; sharing from other leaders in the field shows that you’re always researching to improve and can help you network.

What Is Considered Quality Content?

For many people, social media is entertainment first, informative second. Finding the happy space between the two is tricky but can be done. Once you find that sweet spot, you’ll be able to use it to develop content for optimum engagement. Time is precious for most social media users and they’ll want to keep their streams full of only the most interesting and valuable content. What is quality for one person isn’t the same for the next and the same is true for brands. Leveraging your analytics will show you what pieces your followers value and what ones they don’t.

Creating and sourcing quality content benefits your business’s reputation and it attracts and sustains an audience. Providing appealing content is part of an effective strategy that will not only keep your engagement high but also help your business get the largest return on the smallest investment.