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Why You Need a Dedicated Social Media Manager

There’s no question about it: every business needs a social media presence. Seventy percent of consumers will research a company before interacting with them according to Mintel, a leading marketing intelligence agency. A social media presence will be included in that research. For a small business the efforts and resources needed to create and maintain a social media presence can be a struggle. Having a dedicated social media manager on your team can take away that burden.

The Ins and Outs

Have you heard about the ever fickle Facebook algorithm? Do you know the best way to leverage each platform to get the best results? How about FTC disclosures? A social media manager will know about all of these things and keep updated on changing trends, rules, and best practices. He or she will also be well versed in the tools available for each platform and how to translate them into a successful strategy.


One of the most important elements of a solid and successful social media plan is consistency. Followers of your social media channels should be able to rely on when you’ll post and also the voice used to deliver your message. Having an unreliable stream of content limits your followers’ ability to engage with you and can affect your business’s priority in social media platform algorithms. Using more than one or two people to deliver your message can lead to an undefined or conflicting voice, which can confuse and turn off followers.

Learn why a small business should invest in a social media manager.


In addition to a reliable flow of information from your business, there needs to be a social element. Your business’s social media channels should interact regularly with its followers. Social media is similar to a conversation with both parties taking turns listening and talking. Increased engagement leads to more attention on your business which can lead to more customers.

The Numbers

A successful social media presence is only as good as its conversion. In other words, what is it doing for your business? A social media manger will help set up goals to convert followers to actual customers and develop a strategy to meet these goals. He or she will analyze the data from each platform at regular intervals to see what is and isn’t working.


The most obvious reason to have a dedicated social media manger is the amount of time it takes to complete the tasks involved in an effective social media strategy. Business owners and their employees have other responsibilities and can’t dedicate the necessary time to both without each area suffering neglect. Social media is an effective tool when implemented properly and given the time and attention it deserves.

A dedicated social media manager has the experience and skills necessary to tackle the tasks that can help grow your business’s followers and customer base. Hiring a dedicated social media manger should be considered a valuable investment in your business’s long term growth.