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Back to School: Social Media Lessons

Just like heading back to school, you need to prepare before your business leaps into the realm of social media. Below we’ll discuss the preparation, tools, and actions a business needs to take in order to develop a strong social media strategy.

Goal Oriented

When you headed into college, you may have had no idea what you wanted to study and that’s was okay for your first year. By the second year though, you were most likely able to narrow down your areas of interest and with help from an adviser you found a topic to focus on. Follow the same process for your business’s social media presence. Think about who you want to reach and what you want to say before you ever type a word. This will help keep a consistent message through all of your social media posts.

The Right Tools

Not all social media platforms are created equal. The supply lists that teachers send out before the start of the year? The teacher has put it together after learning what is and isn’t needed over the years. Your social media manager will be able to tell you what platforms you do and don’t need to make for an efficient yet effective mark.

Back to school has numerous social media lessons that can be applied to your business's strategy.

Make Friends

You’d look a bit strange if you were talking to yourself but that’s exactly what you do when you don’t cultivate relationships online. The most organic way to gains followers and eventually customers is to converse with them. Learn what they like and don’t like and deliver on those interests. Ask questions, listen, and respond without trying to shove your product or service down their throat. Engagement will attract the attention of others who will want to know what all the fuss is about. Take the first step to foster a social relationship with other companies you do business with as well. This can payoff in reciprocation down the line.

Do the Work

Successful social media doesn’t just happen. It takes preparation coupled with hard work to pull it off. Researching the targeted audience, spending time with them, creating and curating interesting content all takes time and effort. It’s also obvious when it’s a half-hearted effort. A few cute cat memes don’t make a long-term social media strategy.

Report Card

A regular assessment of where you social media channel is in relation to your goals is always a solid practice. Many of the platforms available to business offer free analytic reporting. Comparing that information to the previous reporting period can help determine if your business’s audience is growing and what is or isn’t attracting them.

What is the most difficult part of developing a social media strategy for your business?