Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer is the founder and manager of Bright Idea Freelance Consulting. She began her experience in social media as an independent blogger eight years ago. Her writing has been featured at BlogHer, Powerhouse Planning, and published in The Fort Lewis Ranger. Through her experience as a personal blogger, she gained the knowledge and insight into the best practices and strategies necessary to develop a strong social media presence. She has utilized those skills for positions with the Homefront United Network, Military Career Network, and Soul Navigation. In addition to her social media experience, Jennifer spent a decade working in the real estate law field. She held positions including as a quality control and analytic team member and manager of loss mitigation.

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys spending time outside with her family. Her husband is a member of the United States Army and Jennifer holds a passion for supporting service members and their families. She also writes a personal blog, enjoys cooking and reading.

When asked what her favorite thing about social media is she said: “It’s connectivity. I have made some wonderful friends who live across the country, sometimes the world, that I wouldn’t otherwise have had the opportunity to meet. Some of my best friends and best professional opportunities have come from my computer.”